Stepper motor

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Stepper motor

Post by Keriso » 12 Jul 2001, 14:38

Hi there
Anyone has any idea on how to clean the stepper motor? I heard that it could be cleaned rather than change it altogether.
Anyone has any idea or experience?

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Post by Lope » 14 Jul 2001, 12:20

Hi Stephen,
Yes, the stepper motor can be cleaned! The first time I had it replaced but it was so damn expensive (around RM 400+) at Citroen Sales & Service. I later found out that it could be bought at only RM 250+ outside!
Anyway, to clean the stepper motor, you need to dismantle/remove it from the throttle body. It uses two screws but with the weird shaped aperture on top (it's not a hexagon/allen key nor phillips screw type). After removing it (and the wire harness attached to it with a click), gently pull it straight out and in most cases it would be dirty with black soot. You need a carburetor cleaner spray (about RM 12 from hardware shops; STP brand is popular) which is about the only spray that I experience is powerful enough to wash off the grime from the shaft on the stepper motor. Don't forget to inject some of the spray into the orifice in the throttle body to clean the dirt and grime in there too. If you have the time, clean the throttle valve too (need to remove the big plastic air intake hose connected to it first though). Lastly, lubricate the shaft on the stepper motor (with spring inside) with white grease (or WD 40 will do) and install it back. This hopefully will make the engine smooth again instead of the annoying stutter and dying out, especially during idle, always at the traffice lights somehow!