2cv tyres

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Paul Smith
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2cv tyres

Post by Paul Smith » 08 Jul 2001, 14:58

2cv Tyres (125/15 Michelin) are relatively easy to self fit - does anyone know of a distributor who will supply mail order ? - or whether it's possible to import from France for less than £49 each ?
Thanks for any info - Paul Smith

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Post by paulivil » 18 Jul 2001, 01:03

<font face='Georgia'>I wonder if http://www.lovekyn.co.uk could help you.</font id='Georgia'>

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Post by David.Cox » 20 Jul 2001, 05:56

Why not try Uniroyal which you can get for around £25 each. Firestone are also making 2cv tyres but between the price of Uniroyal and Michelin. Useful supplier of most 2cv parts, but also the uniroyal tyres, is ECAS
http://www.2cvparts.co.uk/ . Worth getting their catalogue.They are in staffordshire but do good mail order.

Paul Smith
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Post by Paul Smith » 21 Jul 2001, 14:42

Thanks for your help,David, - I've got an 'H' reg 2cv and I'm trying to keep everything entirely (pun?) original - bit daft I know. I'm well used to Mr Ecas - surprisingly recently Iv'e had need for a fuel sender unit which eventually I got from a local Citroen dealer at a much cheaper price ! - so it's always worth checking ...