Bx19 ABS light

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Alan N
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Bx19 ABS light

Post by Alan N » 07 Jul 2001, 23:41

the dashboard light on my 1989 BX19 GTi had been coming on intermittently for some time and had reset when turning ignition off and on again but now staysm on permanently. I have had all sensor connections checked by my mechanic and all are OK-wondered if any one has had similar problem and how they resolved it-don't want to buy bis unneccesarily.
Alan N.

andy hannett
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Post by andy hannett » 08 Jul 2001, 00:26

had a similar problem with the ABS on my Xantia that started as an intermittent sensor fault (intermittent light) but then progressed to a full blown light on all the time.
when the dealer diagnosed the fault, the computer stated that it was an electrovalve fault, but his turned out to be a fault on the ABS controller.
my advice is get the fault diagnosed, if this turns out to be the fault described above, then replace the ABS controller!
i found a site that does this kind of thing fairly cheaply (third price of dealer) at www.bba-reman.com for my xantia it was £300 including VAT.
if this isn't the fault, try a auto electrician as it may be a dodgy connection somewhere.
Good Luck.
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