Xantia 1.9LXTD Brakes NON ABS

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Xantia 1.9LXTD Brakes NON ABS

Post by Jetfixer » 06 Jul 2001, 21:08

I have a problem with my Xantia brakes. Upon light application at high speeds (eg to slow down for a Roundabout from around 60mph) the brakes initially seem to take effect but then seem to bleed off and it feels as if the car is not under any braking.
Heavier applications of the brakes at lower speeds make the brake come on suddenly. I suspect the Brake Doseur valve seals (the valve that the pedal pushes onto at the engine firewall), I did bleed the brakes but iut seemed to be of no benefit.
I looks like the valve is a bastard to get out as access is poor, is it possible /advisable to change the seals in whilst the valve is fitted in the car? Is it best to replace the valve?
I assume that that the circlip on the end of the valve is where the seals can be removed.

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Post by Tony » 12 Jul 2001, 13:06

Not a resolution I'm afraid, just confirmation that what you describe is I believe a problem I have "lived with" for a long time. I replaced all disks and pads (the old discs were CD thichness), cleaned out the LHM tank (see my other post question on this topic), replaced with 'Total LHM' bleed TWICE as a steel hydraulic pipe failed, AND THE BRAKES STILL FEEL WEIRD.
As with my LHM tank, my local "experts" say there isnt a problem. It would be nice to hear from a true expert on what does not appear to be an isolated issue.

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Post by pwatson » 13 Jul 2001, 01:36

I find exactly the same problems as you two do, on my wife's Xantia (1993 SXTD with ABS). Seems impossible to apply even pressure to brakes and get an even brake response. Like you, have had discs and pads replaced and brakes bled and been to local expert (and he is a fully trained Cit mechanic and has been excellent in other respects). He can find nothing wrong with the system and assures me it is not the doseur valve. He says that the system is the same as on my BX, which has excellent brakes, except that the brake pedal has some sort of spring on it that was supposed to make the brakes gentler than on a BX. Have not investigated this further because pedal is a bugger to get at. I have posed this question on other forums and have not had a satisfactory reply to explain why the Xantia brakes (I think ) are so awful and difficult to use smoothly. Hope you have more success!

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Post by iancook2000 » 13 Jul 2001, 17:44

One thing to watch out for with Xantias is the size of your feet - I jest not.
Look down in the footwell and you will see that the clutch arm is very close to the brake pedal and its very easy to press the brake and be trying to operate the clutch at the same time. This plays havoc with smooth braking
Ian Cook

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Post by Jetfixer » 16 Jul 2001, 04:31

I have just got a Doseur Valve from a scrap yard. When I fit it I'll let you all know if the problem is fixed. All pads and disks on my car are fine. My old BX has excellent brakes, I bought my Xantia on the strength of my extremely reliable BX which I got 4yrs ago for £600, beginning to think the Xantia was a mistake.
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Post by mark.gaze » 18 Jul 2001, 02:21

I had what i think is the same problem with my xantia 1.9TDVSX...At low speeds occasionally when applying brakes there seemed nothing there and then, with the natural panic, pressing a bit harder caused the car to stop very suddenly. The cure was easy and painless on the wallet, an accumulator sphere change. Hope this helps. Mark

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Post by Jetfixer » 04 Aug 2001, 05:35

Changed the dosuer valve today, the fadey brakes and sudden braking have gone, I havent bled the brakes yet but they seem to be okay if a little biased to the front brakes (though I believe this is how they should be). The reason I havent bled the brakes is because I am runnig with Hydraflush and hope to change it out tommorow and bleed the brakes to get fresh LHM down into them. Changing the doseur valve was not that bad a job, I share some tips on the forum when I get time.