ZX TD Rumble at 1500rpm

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ZX TD Rumble at 1500rpm

Post by sirgeorge » 05 Jul 2001, 13:54

I have a deep rumble at 1500 rpm in all gears (I think. The noise is at the front, I think its on the near side, though I cant be sure. The car has done 130,000 miles. The front suspension has recently been checked and ball joints and a swivel hub replaced.
Any suggestions what tis could be.

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Post by JohnD » 06 Jul 2001, 00:48

Wheel bearing maybe - Jack it up and give the wheel a spin for noise, and a feel for rocking.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 06 Jul 2001, 02:08

Does it make any difference to the noise as the car corners, does it get louder going one way and quiet going the other way, if so then it is almost certainly a wheel bearing, unfortunately which one it is can sometimes at best be difficult to detect and at worst impossible, especially in the early stages, the only thing you can then do is go for the bearing on most load when the noise occur's, though from experience this does not always hold true.
Does this rumble only happen at 1500 rev's, what if you dip the clutch does it change or stop, does the frequency of the rumble increase with road speed, are the tyre's wearing evenly, have you had new front tyres.
Regards Dave

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Post by sirgeorge » 22 Aug 2001, 20:53

The problem finally identified itself when I was in the South of france, it was a wheel bearing. Many thanks for your help.