ZX Clutch (DIY)

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Paul Patric-white
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ZX Clutch (DIY)

Post by Paul Patric-white » 05 Jul 2001, 03:10

Having never replaced a clutch on a zx 14i
i am in need of some guidelines ie. is it better to strip drives from hubs or remove engine to gain entry to clutch or is it possible to split engine and gearbox only.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 06 Jul 2001, 01:40

Hi Paul
Jack up and support the front of the car enough to clear the bell housing, drain the gearbox of oil, release the lower ball joint from the hub carrier, swing the suspension leg outwards while pulling the driveshaft from the diff, you will need to support both the cluth end of the engine and also the gearbox, don't rely on trying to balance the engine on a jack, use a hoist of some kind since the engine and gearbox will need to be lowered slightly before the box can be seperated from the engine, if the right hand driveshaft is similar to the diesel's it will be supported by a bearing that will need to be released to allow the shaft to be pulled from the diff, to do this slacken the nut's that hold the bearing and turn the bolt heads through 90 degrees. on re-fitting ensure the friction disc is dead on center and tighten down the pressure plate using two spanners opposit each other in a progressive manner on all bolt's to avoid uneven pressure on the diaphragm spring.
Make sure the vehicle is safely supported and use safe lifting gear.
Regards Dave