BX 16 choking at moderate acceleration

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BX 16 choking at moderate acceleration

Post by Tom » 03 Jul 2001, 19:24

My problem is that my BX 16 (1988 Solex Carburettor model) chokes at moderate acceleration. The problem also appears at constant speeds around 125-135 Km/h. If the speeder is pushed harder or lighter the problem disappears.
I have installed new spark plugs and distributor top, and it starts easily and idle speed is fine. I have also recently had the carburettor cleaned and adjusted at a certified garage (to fix a auto choke problem).
My current guess is a distributor problem. I have tried to remove the distributor (Bosch type), and it appears that the vacuum compensator doesn’t function. I can breathe freely through it – I guess that the should be some kind of membrane in it activating the arm going into the distributor to compensate for the vacuum level in the carburettor.
Does anybody know, if you should be able to activate the compensation are on a Bosch distributor by the mouth?
Can you buy a new vacuum compensator (the small container attached below the distributer), or do you have to buy a complete new distributer (which is quite expensive about 200£)?
Is my theory completely wrong, and should I look for other causes to the problem?
Tom Bjerre
Tom Bjerre
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Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 04 Jul 2001, 03:57

Hi Tom
You are correct in your assumption that you should not be able to suck air continously through the vacuum advance unit, the diaphragm in it must be damaged to allow this, it will cause loss of ignition timing advance and if large enough quantities of air are being drawn through in to the inlet manifold will cause a slight weakness in the fuel/air mixture, any alterations or replacement's made to the distributor will require the timing to be reset with an apropriate timing light for best results, in fact it may be worth checking with a timing light before touching the distributor, if the mark is illuminated consistently in the same place this should indicate that the distributor is in good condition, if however the mark appears to dance back and forth this may indicate a worn distributor and further examination would be required.
Regards Dave