Brake Problem

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Brake Problem

Post by CITMAN » 24 Jan 2003, 18:18

I have a 1995 Citroen ZX 1.4i. When I was driving it today I noticed there was squeaking noise coming from outside of the car. When I applied the brake pedal it disappeared for a few seconds when the pedal was released. So assume its the front brakes because letting up the handbrake has no affect on the noise.
After a few hard braking sessions I noticed the noise has disappeared and assumed it was brake dust causing the problem. However I have just noticed that the right hand wheel is warmer than the left wheel. I measure the temp of the disc and 56C on the right and 25C on the left.
To me this seems like the right cailper is sticking but im not sure, anyone got any ideas. Is the braking effort on both wheels the same or there some room movement.

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Brake Problem

Post by mbunting » 24 Jan 2003, 18:36

Not that I'm qualified to say anything, but I'd be looking at..
a) Stuck caliper / binding brakes ( most likeley )
b) Wheel bearing ( unlikeley, look at brakes first ).

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Brake Problem

Post by timmsd » 24 Jan 2003, 19:13

My BX does this when the pads need changing. Basically, when the pistons are extended they tend stick a bit. If your disc is getting hot I would expect the caliper is not releasing fully. Remove the pads, renew if they are well worn, this may be enough and when you retract the piston is will hopefully free it up but if they are not worn I would definitely clean the piston and caliper to solve the sticking.