central locking

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central locking

Post by rogers43 » 26 Jun 2001, 22:33

Is it possible yo get a new fob to control the central locking on a bx 4x4 i do not have the origonal one?!

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Post by Tel » 29 Jun 2001, 02:35

Hi M8, don’t know if it’s the same on a BX but on my ZX there is a black globe built into the console beside the rear view mirror. The globe is the receiver for the remote control. If you remove the console there is normally a sticker around the globe area with a code on it. I believe this is the code of the transmitter, I am assuming this, as the same code is present inside the key fob (transmitter). To be on the safe side I would double check with the dealers that this is the case before parting with your hard earned. Don’t know how much the dealers will charge for a replacement, but I bet it’s not cheap.
Hope this helps. Tel.