Xantia ABS Problem

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Xantia ABS Problem

Post by andy hannett » 20 Jun 2001, 04:02

Well at last I have solved my Xantia ABS problem reported since months ago!
The computer at the dealer said it was an electrovalve fault, but they had no idea, surprise, suprise!
So I bit the bullet and bought a reconditioned controller and, hey presto, no further problems. The best deal I found was company called Black Box who can supply the units with 12 months warranty for approx £300, a whole £500 less than the dealer with the same warranty!
If you have this problem go to www.bba-reman.co.uk for details of the company. I would highly recommend them!!
On a final point, if you decide to fit the unit yourself make sure you have double jointed fingers as the bottom spring clip is not easy to get off