Xantia wheels

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Xantia wheels

Post by philip » 19 Jun 2001, 19:15

Is it possible to fit 205/60/15 tyres to the standard wheels on a Xantia 1.9TD Estate? - They fit this tyre size to the alloy wheeled versions and I have seen steel wheeled 2.1s in france with 205s - Going from 165 standard to 195s on our BX ( with GTI wheels ) completely tranformed the handling and braking ability

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Post by JohnD » 20 Jun 2001, 00:57

I drive a 1998 Xantia 2.1TD SX which is fitted with 205/60x15's. As far as I can see the steel rims are the same size as the 1.9 versions. The only draw back is that you don't get such a wide range of budget tyres in 205 size. But replacement Michelins do give a lovely ride!

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Post by Dave Burns » 20 Jun 2001, 03:19

Hi Phillip
Yep as John say's they do fit, though I have now stuck a set of alloys on my Xantia from a 2.1 td estate, got em for only £100 from a breaker, a new set of wheel studs for alloy's from Citroen were sixty odd quid alone, got electric rear window's from same car to fancy up the LX a bit, now got a 205.60.15.H91 on the steel spare, bought Goodyear Eagle Ventura's £56 each, they don't get a bad write up at http://www.tyres-online.co.uk good wet performance is more important to me than the best dry performance.
In your other post about your alarm, he he anybody that hasn't had trouble with their Xantia alarm is lucky if you ask me, if your alarm goes off for no apparent reason, like my alarm did (twice now) it was cured by fitting new ultrasonic sensor's, not cheap for what they are at twenty odd quid, (don't think Andyspares sell them) they come in pairs as there is a transmitter and a reciever, as for resetting the alarm, disconnect the car battery and leave it for at least 15 minutes, re-connect it and after 30 second's to a minute the alarm will go off, press the alarm button on the dash while switching on the Ignition, this will silence it and hopefully all will be well, semiconducter's can tie themselves in knott's (lock up) and usually the only thing that will recover it is to power it down.
Hope I haven't been a boar and that something here might help :o)

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Post by paulivil » 20 Jun 2001, 21:03

Possible, yes. Recommended, no. The narrower rim puts a strain on the tyre and you won't get all the benefit from moving to wider tyres, I'm afraid.