drive shaft for AX11

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drive shaft for AX11

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I was looking for my new drive shaft and wondering what's the difference between the pre 91 and after 91 model. Can both of them fix to the same engine. Previously when I change a reconded one, I found that it was slimer in diameter compared to my old driveshaft. Can someone help me? Thank you.


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The change on AX shafts in 1991 was the length, the 91> shafts are slightly longer. The reason for this was that Citroen increased the track (width) of the AX in 91 to give better roadholding. It also meant that the entire front suspension and driveshafts could be shared with the then new Peugeot 106 models.
Hope that helps.
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<font face='Georgia'>Longer driveshafts make sense to me only if they are meant to suit also the 106/Saxo that may have wider track. The track widths for AX however are always quoted the same or in the case of the GTi even less at front because of the larger back space of the wheels required to accommodate the large rear drums. Slimmer inner joints should be fine even with those 1.4 litre engines with a low state of tune. Only the GTi used the multi part large diameter outer jointed shafts that were later used in 1.6 litre engined cars. I also think that the wide choice in drive shafts has something to do with the existence of reinforced gearboxes. The 106 track control arms (wishbones) I have fitted to my AX seem to require longer driveshafts than the early ones I currently have.</font id='Georgia'>
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