ZX 1.9D - Bad oil leak - affecting performance.

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ZX 1.9D - Bad oil leak - affecting performance.

Post by awt41 » 22 May 2001, 23:54

Further to my post of 14th May, I have now been under the car and discover that the rear of the engine casing is absolutely covered in oil. There is obviously a gasket or seal blown somewhere. To reiterate:
The car runs fine when cold, but after a few miles the performance drops off and it sounds like a tank. I originally suspected that this could be something to do with a recent cam belt change,but having now seen the oil, that could just be coincidence.
Any advice gratefully accepted - Thanks.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 23 May 2001, 00:44

From what you say about it sounding like a tank it look's like your cylinder head gasket is a gonner, I did a head gasket on a ZX 1.9TD a couple of years ago, on that occasion though it caused coolant to escape and gases to pressurize the cooling system, I did it with the engine still in the car and it was an unpleasant experience, if I had to do it again I would take the engine out and not have the struggle, all the problems of doing it with the engine still in were turbo related, for a non turbo ZX I would leave the engine in, hope you get it sorted :o)
Regards Dave Burns