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More Power

Post by thew » 15 May 2001, 20:47

Has anyone any suggestions of the best way of increasing the power output from my ZX TD for a reasonable cost outlay.
I'm thinking of buying a K&N Air filter as it does big mileage and I'll only have to avoid putting a few paper filters to make this financally viable, has anyone else done this, and with what effect.
What is the next best stage after this.


Post by Jon » 15 May 2001, 21:48

I used a JR performance air filter in my ZX TD for nearly 80,000 miles use, washed it occasionally with the proper cleaner, then oiled it, it lasted just fine.
There was a very slight increase in performance.
The bset way to seriously up BHP and torque is to get the Diesel Sport upgrade done at Van Aaken Developments. You get about 106 hp, and 180 lb of torque, makes the car very very driveable indeed, when I first had it done,I kept thinking I was in forth when I was still in 5th when accelerating hard. Its well worth the money, economy is still good, and emissions are lower.
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Post by madpenguin » 16 May 2001, 01:50

You can also get the upgrade done at Cituning in Nottingham as well as air filters, exhausts and induction kits. I think the sports upgrade works out a bit cheaper the Van aiken.