Rocker Cover Gaskit

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Rocker Cover Gaskit

Post by rossnunn » 26 Feb 2006, 20:59

On my Tu3 engine, when I fitted it, I put a new rocker cover gaskit on, now about 4 months on it has cracked on the corners & the engine hasn't been run much.

Is there any way to stop this??

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Post by Kowalski » 27 Feb 2006, 00:07

There are only two reasons I can think for a rocker cover gasket lasting only 4 months. Either the part is defective (i.e. old stock, not made properly or a cheap pattern part) or its not been correctly installed (e.g. overtightened / undertightened rocker cover bolts).

Was it a genuine part? Did you follow the Haynes BOL particularly the bit about torque settings on the cover bolts?

I'm kind of grasping at straws here and don't really want to point the finger but apart from the two reasons I've given above, I can't see why a rocker cover gasket would last such a short length of time.

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Post by rossnunn » 27 Feb 2006, 00:52

yes it might be the torque settings for the rocker cover, as I did these up until they stopped then quater turned them.
I got the gasket from Euro Car Parts, only cost a couple of quid IIRC, it was really soft when I installed it, the old one had hardened to I assumed this was due to age/heat etc. I had a look at it this afternoon & it still feels quite soft, it also doesn't seem to be leaking but I haven't really run the engine, see my other post lol

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Post by alan s » 27 Feb 2006, 11:22

Some of these rocker cover gaskets recommend a dollap of silicone in each corner when fitted.
I've found if this advice on sealants on the overall gasket and the blob in the corners isn't followed to the letter, that they can tend to be a bit of a pain in the buttocks as regards seeping and leaking usually onto hot manifolds.

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