xantia 2.1td

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bob meek
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xantia 2.1td

Post by bob meek » 11 May 2001, 03:55

I am thinking of buying a xantia 2.1TD,
Does anyone know if there is any inherrant faults with the engine.
eg coolant problems reliability etc
thanks in advance

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Post by JohnD » 12 May 2001, 00:43

I have been running a 2.1 for the past three years with no problems what-so-ever. I have used it for towing the caravan on several Continental tours, and it has been supurb. At 40000 miles I now need to fit a new cambelt. Haynes say that the starter motor needs to come off to get a timing rod into the flywheel, but I'm hoping to manage without doing that. My advice would be to get it.