ZX - Loss of performance since belt change

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ZX - Loss of performance since belt change

Post by awt41 » 11 May 2001, 01:01

I recently had the timing belt replaced on my ZX 1.9D and since then have noticed that the engine seems noisier than before and also slower picking up, although once on the open road the performance is good. Could this be due to the belt tension not being correct? and if so how is the correct tension set?

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Post by JohnD » 12 May 2001, 00:49

The tension is by automatic adjustment. It sounds as though one of the sprockets is one or two teeth out. Several years ago I fitted a belt on my BX and did the same thing. The engine sounded awful. I should get it checked again.

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Post by iancook2000 » 14 May 2001, 13:54

The timing could well be out by one tooth or so. Relative to the crankshaft, it could be the camshaft or the fuel injection pump. If you're a reasonably competent mechanic it's not too difficult to check - basically involving removal of the belt cover and some very careful checks of alignment. Get your self a Haynes manual. If you are not confident, trot it back to the garage for them to check it.
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Post by awt41 » 15 May 2001, 01:48

Thanks for your comments, after running the car a few days I'm now not sure that it is in fact a problem with the timing because the fault is intermittant. It seems to occur mostly after the engine is well warmed up and sounds as if it's running on 3 cylinders......
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Post by tecw1979 » 19 Jul 2003, 04:18

i had an intermittent prob like this on my astra gte... it was in fact the timing out by 1 tooth. could also b a poor lead arcing out?

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Post by Jonesy » 19 Jul 2003, 13:54

If the tensioner did not tension the belt correctly and its too slack, it may well make a horrible noise from the valve train, because basically the camshaft will be allowed to flap backwards and forwards. I had this happen once on a Ford CVH engine and once re-tensioned ran perfectly, it was just operator error on that occasion!
Obviously it won't be a plug lead on a diesel!!