Xsara hissing brake pedal

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Xsara hissing brake pedal

Post by ebod » 09 Feb 2006, 20:27

Further to my previous post about slight whine on the gearbox, I've also noticed the handbrake is a bit crappy on my Xsara ( rear disk model )

Do these rear disk models have like 'inner' shoes for handbrakes or is it some other method keeping pressure on the pads.

I remember stories of early Xantias having problems rolling down hills after they were parked up with warm brakes...which lost their hold as they cooled.

Anyway, the main reason for my post is ....why does my brake pedal hiss. Its noticeable on startup and maybe associated with the handbrake.

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Xsara hissing brake pedal

Post by simonelsey » 09 Feb 2006, 22:36

Ive got no problems with handbrake on my xsara estate ,

I did once , Wife went out to get something out of boot , pushed tailgate down , car started rolling down the hill . Shes holding the car back and calling for me , Christ nows how she managed to stop it rolling, Turns outs pads where a bit worn on rear , Obviously I changed them every year now , as you will be suprised how thin the rears are new. Swear citroen have missed designed them.

As for noisy peddle cannot help.

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Xsara hissing brake pedal

Post by AndersDK » 09 Feb 2006, 23:35

If you have rear discs - you have the handbarke system known from BX & Xantia : a rod pushing thru the caliper onto the pads.
The pads also are similar type, not particular thick.

The system is self adjusting (engine idle, car at standstill) :
"Pump" the brake pedal (no slamming, just calmly pumping) against the pedal bottom stop. Now try lift the handbrake lever. It should feels like it is freshly adjusted - few clicks hold the car.

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Xsara hissing brake pedal

Post by ebod » 26 Feb 2006, 19:46

I took this problem a little further today. I took a look at the rear brakes, there was about 4mm of lining left so I opted to go for a new set of pads.

I've specifically checked the sliding rod mechanisms and they are okay. Also had no problems winding back the pistons to put the new pads in.

So now I've confirmed the pads & calipers are okay , the handbrake is still completely crap.

If these handbrakes are supposed to be auto adjust.....then I take it there is no place to actually adjust it? Could the handbrake mechanism appended to the back of the Bosch caliper be knackered? ( I once had an Audi 80 with rear disks shared design with the golf gti. These were infamous for faulty handbrake mechanisms )

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Xsara hissing brake pedal

Post by jeremy » 26 Feb 2006, 19:55

Have you looked carefully at the handbrake cables? ZX ones are notorious for seizing and the Xsara ia probably much the same. Take a wheel off and get someone to operate the handbrake while you watch the cable at the caliper.