Xantia lacks power

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Xantia lacks power

Post by paulr » 09 May 2001, 00:26

My Xantia 1.9 td seems to lack power, the engine runs smoothly, does not burn oil or lose coolant. Its service history is up to date, all the filters are new, injectors serviced etc.
I previously owned a 1.9 normally aspirated diesel BX which was far more torquey, and returned much better fuel economy.
Has anyone any ideas?

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Post by JohnD » 14 May 2001, 23:40

Hi Paul - No replies seem to be forthcoming to your question. Has your 1.9TD always appeared to lack power, or has it lost it since having been worked on?

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Post by iancook2000 » 15 May 2001, 13:36

Citroen 1.9TDs don't have much grunt below about 2500 RPM - is this the problem you have, or is it lack of power overall?
A neighbour of mine once had a similar problem with a 405 TD and it turned out to be a loose air hose to the turbocharger. In this case the turbo simply wasnt puffing effectively, and as the car has a lower compression ratio than a non-turbo (and higher gearing) the car is much worse than a non-turbo. Worth a look?
Ian Cook

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Post by andy hannett » 16 May 2001, 00:41

I have to agree with ian on this point, having owned a 405D before buying my Xantia TD. the tirbo diesel is a bit gutless below 2500rpm and then its is all or nothing when the turbo starts spinning!!
most old style TD's are like this, my brother has a HDi 110 and that pulls like a train from only 1500rpm.
the answer is to keep the engine above 200rpm if you want any action, without an excessive penalty on fuel consumption