Buying a write-off at salvage auction?

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Buying a write-off at salvage auction?

Post by Allanxantia » 23 Jan 2006, 11:12

I am wondering if anyone has experience of buying from a salvage auction? I was at one on Saturday and there was an excellent low mileage 98R ZX TDSX one owner FSH 77k miles with a scrape all along one side, not that bad and to be honest I could live with it, for £260. It however was a cat C. There were lots of others with very little damage that were "C" . Seems a great way of getting a very cheap car. What are the catches?

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Post by Peter.N. » 23 Jan 2006, 11:34

With labour costs as they are, it doesn't take much to write a car off now so you can get a bargain if you know what you are doing. Make sure it was only the damage that wrote it off and check that everything else is OK. I got £400 knocked off my XM because a lot of the electrics didn't work, took me a couple of days to fix them and I now have one of the very few XMs on which everything works!

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Post by wilkobob » 23 Jan 2006, 15:11

No knowledge of salvage auctions, but my car was written off as a cat C, and they let me keep it for £50 (Its a P-reg, mondeo td ghia) which I thought was brilliant, and for a new bumper and wing (the parts damaged) cost £150, and took 4 hours to fit. not bad. To be honest, im not at all bothered about having cars that have been written off, as 9 times out of 10 theres very little wrong with them. The only thing you have to have done is a harmless VIC check, costs £36 and takes all of 20 minutes at your local VOSA test centre.

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Post by Allanxantia » 23 Jan 2006, 15:23

Thanks Wilkobob, was your MOT invalid when it was written off? I have heard this is the case, it can be very difficult to get information on this. Also it appears you need to MOT it then VIC check it and then apply for a V5!! Don't want to get stung here!

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Post by JohnT » 23 Jan 2006, 17:43

If they are at banger prices buying a catC is a good deal, but before the decision is made consider the reaction of a potential buyer when u come to sell it.

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Post by mezuk04 » 23 Jan 2006, 17:50

I cant recall Wilkobob having to re-MOT the write-off cars since he has had a couple now that he has bought back off them.

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Post by Stewart(oily) » 23 Jan 2006, 18:50

I saved my mates BX a few years ago, he bought it back as a write off well cheap, it needed a wing, headlamp, indicator, bonnet and front bumper. we fitted it all and took it to my garage for a new MOT explained it needed an engineers report, showed him pictures of the damage and I think he charged about £60 including the test.

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Post by wilkobob » 23 Jan 2006, 21:32

Ive never bothered, ive asked and been told it doesnt need it!, Ive got my V5 back and after a VIC check, and then taxed the car online (i have computerised mot originally) and its gone through ok, so I assume you dont need to bother

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Post by zxb29 » 24 Jan 2006, 10:35

ive brought quite a few salvaged vehicles mate and in my opinion dont buy anything that has any suspension damage or heavy front end damage.

Ive lost more then i gained a few times

Go for something that has minor body damage like a scrape or wing/door replacement and you will pick up a great bargain.

Cat D salvage does not require a VIC
Cat C requires a VIC

Be on the safe side and re-MOT the vehicles after you have repaired due to some of the salvage vehicles standing for such a long time the breaks/drums might have seized a little or gone rusty or any other little problems.