Xantia Turbo Diesel Tachometer

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Xantia Turbo Diesel Tachometer

Post by agr.ferguson » 04 May 2001, 05:18

The Tachometer on my 1996 1.9TD works for a few minutes first thing in the morning then dies for the rest of the day. All the connections appear to be OK, and I've checked at the back of the instrument panel. Is there anything else I can usefully do apart from replacing parts?


Post by Jon » 04 May 2001, 14:37

This problem is usually caused by a faulty or dirty flywheel sensor. The sensor pushes into the bellhousing, theres usually 2 sensors, a speed sensor and a TDC sensor.You could try cleaning the face of the sensor next to the flywheel, and also pull apart the block connectors to the sensors from the loom to check that the connection is good.
If theis does not work, you will have to buy a new speed sensor.
Jon Wood
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Post by Grahamlyell » 05 Aug 2001, 02:48

I have the same problem on my Xanta TD. Where exactly can I find the sensor(s)

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Post by DaveK » 15 Aug 2001, 18:07

Brand new subscriber to this forum, but hope this can help. My 1994 Xantia tdi tachometer had intermittent fault. Needle dead then jumping about all over the place. Luckily I have a tame Citroen/Peugeot engineer (£10 per hour, not £40). He checked the sender unit at the flywheel and found open circuit cable,not all the time though. Supplied and fitted replacement- £24.

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Post by ninja » 15 Sep 2001, 03:02

So i have found out recently that it is a common fault on xantia for the tacho to fail on its own, I had this problem on my 95 model TD,I too replaced the tdc sensor but it still played up,eventually i managed to locate a second hand set of clocks and remove the tacho and fit it into my unit, touch wood everything is now ok.