battery? car just conked out on me Help!!

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battery? car just conked out on me Help!!

Post by Andrew1967 » 16 Nov 2002, 02:24

1/2 mile from home in horrendous roadworks battery light came on, 20 mins later, still stuck in traffic, car died on me. Managed to get the car on the kerb, stomped off home on foot, got a spare battery I had at home, carried it back (heavy buggers when carrying up a steep hill!) Old one out new one in, car started, GREAT! but battery warning light was back on,,, made it home. Now got the problem what to do next, what is causing this, Alternator what? not sure what to look for or what to check,,,, am strapped for cash but need the car for work. All you wonderful mechanics out there got any helpful tips for me??
All advice as usual, gratefully received!

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Post by shaunthesheep » 16 Nov 2002, 02:49

have you got a multi meter?, set it up on voltage, place the probe leads on each of the points on the battery, with the engine running,
you should see an input of about 13-15volts, this means that you alternator is putting voltage back into the battery that the engine takes out.
hope this is of some help.


Post by Jon » 16 Nov 2002, 03:34

Almost 100% that you need a new alternator I'm afraid.
Jon Wood

wayne togher
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Post by wayne togher » 16 Nov 2002, 05:16

hi andrew
this link could help out.

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Post by Andrew1967 » 16 Nov 2002, 06:02

Thanks for the advice guys, will borrow a multimeter first thing tomorrow, at least will know then. One thing, may sound a naive question, but I have my old BX still sitting in the driveway, is her alternator compatable with my Xantia 1.8i?

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Post by RichardW » 18 Nov 2002, 18:23

Very unlikely the BX alternator will fit I'm afraid! You may not need a new alternator - it could just be the brushes or a bad connection. Check all the connections are secure on the alternator, and if so give it a good whack with the wheelbrace or something heavy and see if that brings it back to life - sure sign the brushes are shot. It will probably be possible to repair the alternator, or get an exchange cheaper than new - I got an exchange for my BX TD one (which was seized solid!) for around £60 (this was near Reading). Try the yellow pages for your area if necessary.

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Post by Andrew1967 » 20 Nov 2002, 01:31

Thanks Richard and co,,,, after gonig round four scrap yards and finding even though its the same reg and engine size as my xantia not one alternator was the same!! Why is that??? I found a place that repaired them, only £35 in the end and even managed to fit it myself,,,,,, first time for everything!