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Post by dieseldes1 » 14 Nov 2005, 01:59

I Have just read your posts and I had exactly the same problem at the new year

!!!!!!Don't run the engine until you have checked the Timing!!!!!!!

Poor starting, engine probably sounds like a bag of bolts

When your auxilary belt shredded a piece has gone under the timing belt and it's jumped a tooth at least,

Mine was out about 20 deg!!! but a new belt and it appears to have done no damage just put 20K on it without any further problems.

I had only had the car a month I had put a new timing belt on and a new Aux. belt but the tensioner bearing (3 on the parts picture) had gone and that wiped out the new aux belt within 3K miles, A salutary tale

This is a very common occurance, My garage had a Xsara diesel with exactly the same problem last month. but he had heard a noise lost power but still limped home for 50 miles then it wouldn't start at all. another lucky one new timing belt and off it went


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Post by wotsupnow » 23 Nov 2005, 11:24

Dieseldes is correct, it was a couple of teeth out and is now running nicely again. My wife uses it to ferry the kids and to shop for her housebound mum , as we've lost faith in it and I don't want her stranded, it's gotta go, I'm going to stick it in the for sale bit on here to see if anyone wants it then I'll trade it in if not.


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Post by fastandfurryous » 23 Nov 2005, 12:56

Surely any car that you have owned, and had work done on is more of a "known" car than anything else you might buy....

The only problems I have ever had with being stranded have always been with cars new to me, where there have been problems I haven't found yet.

A case of better the devil you know?

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Post by wotsupnow » 23 Nov 2005, 13:09

Yeah I know I could be buying a lemon but we just don't 'trust' it anymore.
Other than a noisy dry idler, I don't see why the aux belt came off at just over a yr old and why it had to go under the timing cover and get between the teeth of the timing belt, that would no doubt have been the end if it had gone on a motorway, we just don't feel happy driving it now even though it's currently quiter than it's ever been after packing that idler with HMP grease.

When it's running it's a nice drive, when it's up on blocks and I'm lying there freezing covered in crud it's a monster.............


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Post by jeremy » 23 Nov 2005, 13:36

One of the things which makes vehicles seem unreliable is improperly executed repairs. Its very easy when doing a job to revive a component by 'a bit of grease here and oil there' and get it going again and instead of completing the job properly - just leaving it and blaming the vehicle for being unreliable when that same component give up eventually. Of course after a while you have many such dodgy bits and of course the best thing to do thern is sell it on (and I hope I'm not the purchaser.)

Is greasing the idler pulley a long term repair?

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Post by wotsupnow » 23 Nov 2005, 13:57

When the belt went last week I resolved to not spend any more money on it and to trade it in, anyone buying it only has to search for all my posts to find it's history on here.

I removed the pulley, carefully prised out the oil seal at the back, cleaned the old dried up grease out with parafin, repacked with Castrol HMP and drifted the seal back into place. It is very smooth and quiet now.
The belt is new of course. I'm still not sure if it was the idler as it still turned and had no play in it when the belt went, maybe the belt was a cheap copy, the one on now is a Champion make.