Fuse didn`t blow !!!

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Fuse didn`t blow !!!

Post by gaz238 » 24 Oct 2005, 18:18

Please could somebody throw some light on the following problem - first of all the car is a citroen c5 2002 model. today whilst trying to get a dvd car adapter out of the front 12v socket, the socket sparked and I presumed it had just blown the fuse. However, the fuse was ok but both 12v sockets (front and boot) and also the switch in the boot to lower/higher the rear suspension now doesn`t work. I can`t believe the fuse didn`t go. Has anyone any idea what might have happened ??. :shock:

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Post by wheeler » 24 Oct 2005, 18:46

have you checked ALL the fuses.

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Post by citronut » 24 Oct 2005, 18:52

maybe there is a secondry fuse box
regards malcolm

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Post by gaz238 » 24 Oct 2005, 19:19

Thanks for your replies. I have only checked the fuse that in the manual refers to the 12v socket and the boot suspension switch. This fuse is under the dashboard. Also, the same fuse according to the manual works the front elec windows which are ok. Is there a secondary fuse for the same circuit ?