ZX wiring schematics

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ZX wiring schematics

Post by trackslag » 15 Oct 2005, 20:46

Anyone know of an online wiring schematic for a Citroen zx 2.0i 16v on a 94/95 plate?
Ive got an engine out of one with loom and ecu but need to splice into the loom, sadly none of the wires are numbered
The wires I need to know are :

3 blue wires going into a 2 pin plug under the fuse box ijn engine bay

the 15 or 16 wires on the round multiplug in the engine bay, preferably by pin number.

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Post by Sl4yer » 16 Oct 2005, 03:58

I don't know of an online one, but I recall it is in the Haynes BOL.

I can't help more than that because my ZX petrol copy suffered water damage a few weeks ago... :?

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Post by VLL » 16 Oct 2005, 23:09

I have the Haynes book for ZX petrol models in PDF format, can email them to you if you pm me you email address, is about 25mb for the whole manual or about 7mb for the electrical section, let me know what you want.

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Post by trackslag » 17 Oct 2005, 21:16

Ended up buying the haynes, the wiring diagrams ar a bit poo in there. They dont help me at all. :evil: waste of £15

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Post by jeremy » 17 Oct 2005, 21:32