ZX gear linkages

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ZX gear linkages

Post by zxlondon » 04 Nov 2002, 14:58

On Friday of last week one gear linkage broke on my 92 zx aura diesel. Does Andyspares/GSF sell this part? And is it difficult to fit? I havent seen the temp repair that the RAC made since I havent got it home yet,and wasnt driving it at the time of the breakdown.
Any help/advice gratefully received.


ZX gear linkages

Post by Jon » 05 Nov 2002, 22:55

We don't sell this part, I know the one that you mean, and I bought mine from the local Citroen dealer. In fact, having had 2 break I keep a new one in the boot as a spare, it was about £11 I think from memory.
The plastic bush wears away at the end nearest the battery and the link pops off meaning you are usually left with 2nd gear. I did a get you home repair once involving lots of cable ties to stop it popping off again, got me home.
Jon Wood
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