Welcome back guys.....is that better?

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alan s
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Welcome back guys.....is that better?

Post by alan s » 06 Oct 2005, 22:14

I'm posting this on the Citroen forum because it's the busiest.
Perhaps now, a few who were asking questions will realise why I was cagey and trying to keep a lid on discussions regarding what was/is/might happen, so now the secret's out.

I've tried to advise as many as possible by posting on various boards this message, so if you see it floating around on any other boards you may inhabit, it's just that this is where I've spent the last few hours. Feels different with the different colour and hopefully all will be smooth sailing. Haven't been getting the full quota of hours under the sheets lately and as I'm usually getting up as you're going to bed an vice versa, don't always get a chance to be on when you are.
Anyway, thanks all for your patience and understanding, and this is what the rest of the World is reading on their favourite forums, so hopefully back to where we were in a very short time.

Alan S

Andyspares Forum??????

"It no longer exists nor does their attachment to it; but.....................

----------------------- Check this out!!!--------------->


The old gang's back with all their trials and tribulations with their Froggies; business (better than) as usual. So here's a personal welcome.

I think I've covered all bases as regards moderating is concerned by using a few of my contacts Worldwide, so hopefully, the World's best French Car Forum just got better.
I trust it will run as smooth as it did when it was at Andys and a big thanks to GSF for allowing us to retain the mountain of knowledge that was in that forum, now relocated to here.

Have a good time, keep it like it usually is, friendly and helpful and we'll get on fine.
Please, no debates on what happened or why, it is all speculation and if I don't know, I doubt any of you will, so it is all water under the bridge and will remain so.
Word has gone to all the mods, no abuse, no racial slurs, no sexist comments, no political debates and no long running debates as to why moderating occurred; it's always done for a reason. Anything along the lines I've stated will suddenly disappear without warning, so hopefully nobody will waste time tryimg.....keep it as close as possible to cars and things associated with them and we'll all get on fine.

Have fun, see you there.

Alan S"

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Sid Boggle
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Welcome back guys.....is that better?

Post by Sid Boggle » 06 Oct 2005, 22:23

Much as you probably hate this phrase Alan

"Big Up Yourself!" Well done.


Whilst I am here, may I introduce everyone to the new Mods and Admin Team:

Bernie Lugg
Vic Flange
Sid Boggle
and of course, the better known and respected AndersDK!
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Vic Flange
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Welcome back guys.....is that better?

Post by Vic Flange » 06 Oct 2005, 22:39

Hello boys :wink:

Dave Bamber
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Welcome back guys.....is that better?

Post by Dave Bamber » 06 Oct 2005, 22:47

Most excellent effort, thanks to all concerned 8)

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Welcome back guys.....is that better?

Post by AndersDK » 07 Oct 2005, 00:11

Hello all 8)

Now we are flying again.
Back to work behind the keyboard then :D

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Welcome back guys.....is that better?

Post by BernieLugg » 07 Oct 2005, 09:49

And a big hello from the camp site. :wink:

Nice to see you... To see you nice :roll:

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Re: Welcome back guys.....is that better?

Post by Homer » 09 Oct 2005, 11:52

alan s wrote:Feels different with the different colour
You could always install some of the other themes, then people can choose.

Nice work, rescued for the second time. :D

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Morning Alan . . .

Post by smegpilot » 09 Oct 2005, 14:48

How's it hanging ?

Keep up the good work . . .


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Welcome back guys.....is that better?

Post by Stewart(oily) » 09 Oct 2005, 16:06

Wow, it all went quiet for a bit there, well done guys, now I dont need to get out more after all :)
Now time to start racking up posts all over again