Bloody ZX Electrics Help

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Bloody ZX Electrics Help

Post by onlyagirl » 08 Sep 2005, 17:25

1995 ZX 1.4i
Seems to have an electrical problem, which could not be found by a garage who had it for over a week, the garage is highly respected with all modern equipment. They put the fault finder on it and found a fault with the mix so they replaced a part but the light still comes on. They tried everything and said the emissions and the mix are fine.
The engine managment light comes on after about 5 miles.

I got the car back and took it to another garage where there is an auto electrician who used to work for citroen and he is struggling now I have the car back at the moment until he can take it in again he says the car is running rich and has an emissions problem.
I am still driving the car but I can hear it is running rich and it does not like going under 50mph it shudders a bit and the gear stick rattles.
Is my car going to blow up?
What are the implications of me still driving it?
What can be done to it?
It has a P reg Peugot engine in it so its only done about 60000. Would it help to take it to a citroen dealer?
Has anyone else had this problem?
I am in the Chester area does anyone know someone else who could help if this garage cant do anything?

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Post by CITMAN » 08 Sep 2005, 18:00

It sounds like your zx has a problem with the engine management system. If the car is running rich then the emissions and fuel to air mix are not correct. I had a similar problem with my 1995 ZX 1.4i about 4 - 5 years ago while on holiday. It turned out to be the manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP sensor).
Im suprised the garage didnt pick up any fault codes. I suggest that you take the car to a citroen garage or specialist if you can find one.
The only real issue with driving the car is the fact that you may damage the cat thats if the car is really running rich. Just one other question has the car been serviced recently i.e. air filter, fuel filter etc. It wont blow up, just get it sorted asap.

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Post by onlyagirl » 08 Sep 2005, 18:26

On the day the car was due its service in July, for the first time in its life it wouldnt start and I had to call the RAC to start it then it sat and revved threateningly (its not been that bad since). I took it to the garage with the engine management light on the whole way, for its service where they found nothing, did the service and the problem seemed to have gone and then about 6 weeks later the light started to come on again. I am pretty sure its the MAP sensor they have replaced, which has not stopped the light coming on. Someone did drive into me at about 30mph a few weeks before it happened, can a jolt do anything?

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Post by jeremy » 08 Sep 2005, 19:50

If the thing is running that rich there is a serious risk that the catalyst will be damaged.
If the car was hit at 30 mph all manner of damage will have been done and I would expect it to be about 2 ft shorter than its designed length and for the occupants to have suffered very severe injuries. A severe bump may have caused components like the engine/gearbox to move beyond their designed limits which can cause wires to pull off, and possibly other damage.
Is the car running at the correct temperature?
I note you say that it has a P reg peugeot engine in it. How long ago was this fitted, and do you know if the ecu etc belogs to the car or the engine?

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Post by James.UK » 08 Sep 2005, 21:21

Stewart.. (Oilyspanner) lives not far from Chester. Your best bet is to contact him and ask him to look at it for you, he's a great bloke and knows his business. [:)]
Look at his profile for email address.. [:)] Good luck with the car..(petrol engines.. tuhh yukk heh heh).. [:D] ..

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Post by onlyagirl » 08 Sep 2005, 21:51

ok maybe posty was not going that fast and I was not moving at time, as 1 new bumper and grill and a little straighting of wing was all that was needed courtesey of HRH postal service. Was also assured by both insurance company and 2 garages that there was no damage to engine. The ECU belongs to car not engine and is a replacement done by previous owner before the new engine was fitted approximately 2 years ago. Also car is running at correct temperature. Have just been advised by previous owner of car (good mechanic too far away to help in person)to listen for buzzing before turning engine over. Also waiting for current garage to get back to me so will wait for that otherwise might contact Mr Oilyspanner (although East Manchester is not exactly local to Chester City Centre!)
Watch this space.................

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Post by James.UK » 08 Sep 2005, 21:59

[:0] [8)]?? I live East of Mcr.. Stewart (oilyspanner) lives just outside Wrexham, that's not far from Chester.. [:p] heh heh ..[:D]

Rob Marshall
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Post by Rob Marshall » 08 Sep 2005, 22:30

My first port of call would be has the car been serviced recently? Is the air intake blocked at all? Has the air filter been changed? etc. Also are the plugs all OK; is it firing on all cylinders. Also, find out which part the garage replaced.
You say you can "hear" it running rich. I never knew you can use your ears to be 100% sure the mixture is rich. Is it kicking out black smoke? Can you check the state of the plugs etc? It may be running lean.
I would also check the lambda sensor has not gone open circuit. This will be the sensor on the exhaust close to the engine, on the front pipe. Also, check the cat has not failed, melted inside, and at higher revs is blocking the exhaust. It does happen. You can check it by giving the cat a thunp and listen for any sound of bits inside.
I presume your car is a single point injection model. Assuming yours is a TU engine, a cause of the light coming on is sometimes the injector failing, or playing up; I had this with a late AX.
Hope this helps!

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Post by onlyagirl » 09 Sep 2005, 16:10

Yes car was serviced and all usual stuff done, first garage replaced Lambda Sensor, car not kicking out any smoke nor can I smell any petrol.
Car now booked with Citroen Specialist Monday, Have also resolved not to pay a penny until light stops coming on.
Thanks for opinions wish me luck.....