Rattle from hatchback door in Xantia

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Rattle from hatchback door in Xantia

Post by Garysz » 01 Sep 2005, 17:51

something is rattling quite loudly from my hatchback door. I recall that when it was my company car t developed the same problem but was fixed by the garage - never found out what it was. I've tried to open up the rear washer area but the screws don't seem to release. It seems to be either the loose motor or maybe the locking mechanism. Whihc is more likley and how do you fix them?

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Post by mezuk04 » 01 Sep 2005, 18:01

Spare tyre come loose?

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Post by Garysz » 06 Sep 2005, 14:27

No all nice and tight.
It is definately inside the car.

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Post by wrinklet1 » 06 Sep 2005, 15:03

Perhaps one of the bulb covers for the tailgate lights is loose?

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Post by Mandrake » 06 Sep 2005, 16:38

Rear windscreen stop light ?
Try banging the glass with your hand and see if the stop light at the top of the window rattles - on my Xantia the bolts were loose when I got it causing it to rattle, and on my Dad's one the metal frame was touching the glass due to the gasket being missing...very noisy rattle indeed...when we drove it back from where he bought it (160Km trip) the noise nearly drove me insane until I remembered a roll of duct tape in my bag to make a temporary roadside repair. [;)]

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Post by leonard1 » 06 Sep 2005, 18:30

Is your boot lock loose? I had that on my AX and tightened it and much better since (plus the boot shuts properly!).
I'll state the obvious cause: Tell the other half to clear her rubbish out of the car. [B)]

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Post by wotsupnow » 06 Sep 2005, 19:00

Open hatch, either side about half way are threaded rods with rubber on the end. Adjust them so they are a bit longer, they rest on the waterways below and stop the door rattling.