Xantia Suspension

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Xantia Suspension

Post by juebob » 04 Oct 2002, 15:21

I own a P reg Xantia 1.8 and I suspected that the rear sphere's had gone due to the fact that the back end is bouncing around like crazy, however since reading some of the articles posted the symptoms for replacing the sphere's is that the suspension goes hard.
I'm a little confused, and until reading some of your articles was ready to get on my back and replace these over the weekend.
Should I? What else could it be?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Xantia Suspension

Post by RichardW » 04 Oct 2002, 17:30

When a sphere is worn out, the nitrogen has leaked away and you get no travel in the suspension - thus it is 'hard' you cannot push the corner of the car down. When driving this means that instead of soaking up the bumps, the car 'bounces' off them. Same symptom, different way of looking at it. Replace those spheres and enjoy the rejuvenated ride!
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Xantia Suspension

Post by Niek » 04 Oct 2002, 18:07

Depends a little on whether you have hydractive (I suppose not??) because with hydractive you have an extra center sphere which adds to the softness of the car. How would you know whether the problem lies within the wheel spheres or the center sphere?
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