ZX Timing Belt & Adjuster

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S Kelly
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ZX Timing Belt & Adjuster

Post by S Kelly » 13 Apr 2001, 01:53

I'm about to embark on a timing belt change (ZX-Diesel) and I suspect that the adjuster may need a look at. Having gained inspiration from the forum before I recently tackled the heater matrix (what a swine of a job) I thought I'd ask for advice. Any appreciated.
S M Kelly

alan s
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Post by alan s » 13 Apr 2001, 18:01

Suggest you have a look at the "common problems & solutions" on this forum & look at an article on cambelt change on a BX. There is a link to a web page which shows a photographic detailed description of what was done & how to do it & is pretty self explanatory. I would imagine a ZX would be fairly similar. It is worth noting, that it is recommended that the water pump is replaced at the same time as the timing belt.
Alan S