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greetings to you all
As far as i can tell my BX has never had it's system flushed.
Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of using it?

alan s
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Suggest you go to "Common problems & fixes" on this forum where I posted an article on "LHM Comparison" and follow the links. That should just about answer all of you questions.
Alan S


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Forgot to say, if you can't see this topic in "Common problems and fixes", look at the top of the forum. If it says "show topics from last 30 days", change this to "show all topics", then you will see the posting that Alan is referring to.

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6000 mls ago I flushed my system thro' on the XM with hydraflush leaving it in for 500 mls and then replaced it with "the blue oil" which was obtained from the following address. The difference is amazing. I was given this stuff to try and can seriously recommend it, it out performs LHM + by miles.
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