ZX 1.4 Won't start when Hot.Timing belt change.

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ZX 1.4 Won't start when Hot.Timing belt change.

Post by bretski » 07 Apr 2001, 14:47

My 1991 ZX manual choke won't start when hot.I have replaced all HT leads and checked for any leaking sparks from coil etc..The spark plugs on 1 and 4 cyl turn grey powdery and on 2 and 4 smell of petrol and have petrol on them.I clean the plugs and it will start Ok.I do not touch the throttle but engine cuts out about a minute later,I push the manual choke in gradually after starting but engine starts to cut out.I had cleaned out the carb with special aerosol B4 this happened.Could this have caused this fault?
I have been quoted £96.00 for a timing belt replacement,is this reasonable?
Thank You
Any help appreciated.
ZX Advantage 1.4Petrol 1991

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Post by smurfen » 07 Apr 2001, 21:05

I had the exact same problem with my XM -90.
In my case it was the ignition module that was faulty, the car would run for about 10minutes then just die, I had to wait for at least 4 hours before I could start it again.
My suggestion is try to exchange the ignition module and see if that solve the problem