Xantia Suspension Problem

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Xantia Suspension Problem

Post by Vinnie » 27 Sep 2002, 03:42

Car bouncing front & back every time car hits the slightest bumb in the road. Spoke to Citroen dealership who advised spheres may need replacement. Quoted £220 just to see if that was the problem and then £85 to replace each sphere.
Would like advice, should I try doing this myself, where can I get info for the procedure, how do I know which sphere has low pressure.Can I get replacements second hand or must they be new.

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Post by spanners » 27 Sep 2002, 03:48


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Post by Vinnie » 27 Sep 2002, 03:55

Quote from Citroen in Brentford. Do you know where I can find a Citroen specialist south west london?

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 27 Sep 2002, 04:12

Buy the tools, learn what its all about, be your own specialist and don't get ripped off.

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Post by marco1 » 27 Sep 2002, 05:46

ye do the job yourself took me 1 hour to change front and back,4 new spheres delivered from andyspares £90..citroen make good cars but dealerships are arse..

alan s
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Post by alan s » 27 Sep 2002, 06:55

Next time someone tells you about the Citroen they once owned that cost them a fortune in repairs, ask if they ever dealt with this guy that gave you the quote will you? <img src=icon_smile_clown.gif border=0 align=middle> <img src=icon_smile_clown.gif border=0 align=middle> Then they wonder why people can only get low resale prices and the cars a bad reputation...sheeesh!!
The spheres can be tested several ways, the simplest & most effective is: set the suspension to normal ride height and with the engine still running check that the height is about where it should be. Then push down on each corner. The front should be somewhat stiff but will push down at each side as you apply downwards pressure (corner of the guard or bumper.) Repeat the same at the rear. This should push down much easier and will depress much further. Both sides, front & rear should require the same amount of pressure to achieve comparable results. Front always needs more pressure than rear though. There should be no creaking from the suspension but you will hear a clicking coming from under the bonnet as the accumulator/pressure regulator cuts in & out when pressure is applied.
Order spheres from Andyspares and remember, Citroen spheres are "Model Specifc" and fronts are different to rears.
To change fronts, drop suspension to lowest setting and release bleed screw about half to one turn. This is a 12mm hex headed bolt connected to the regulator which is at the front lower part of a car & has a sphere connected near it. On a BX it is between the engine & radiator just right of centre; easily seen with a torch or spotlight. The car will drop a little further quite often after you release this. Use a chain wrench or better still, a proper sphere remover and simply screw them off in an anti-clockwise direction. Screw new ones on being sure to fit the "O" ring before you start.
Rears are a bit more difficult at times but most are surprised at how simple they are.
To give you an idea of degree of difficulty, I was once on a trip home after buying a new (secondhand) car and didn't like the way it was riding. I stopped overnight at a relatives place & I had a spare set of spheres in the boot. I changed them before breakfast the next morning in I would say less than 5 minutes. The country Town where he lives is 500 klms one way and 1000klms the other from the nearest Citroen service specialist but I had no fears about doing the job.
As regardss the rea spheres, there are a few postings on that one including a few tricks if they are stubborn. This is one.
http://www.andyspares.com/discussionfor ... PIC_ID=153
You should be able to almost buy a complete set of spheres for the price you were quoted for each one...the 200 quid??? Have a holiday on me<img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle> <img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>
The proper sphere remover is available from either Andyspares or Pleiades at I think it's about 30 UKP and pays for itself on the first job.
I think you'll understand everyone response of shock at the price you were quoted when you do it yourself.
Good luck, have fun. It's not that hard.
Alan S

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Post by spanners » 28 Sep 2002, 03:10

it might be worth a trip to WALES plenty of specialists around and the labour rates are a lot less. buy spheres from andyspares and they will fit (all spheres about £50) never heard a specialist charge to diagnose duff spheres. e mail me for names.

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Post by Vinnie » 01 Oct 2002, 19:34

Sorted it out. Got 4 shperes and remover from Andyspares for about £130 and replaced them myself within 20 mins. Many thanks for all your help and advice, it saved me a fortune.

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Post by jpeder » 02 Oct 2002, 00:58

Hi all,
I've change my suspention spheres using an oil filter remover. Easy for the front ones but the rear were a little more inaccessible and the remover had to be screwed and unscrewed a few times. I can't seem to gain clear access to the accumulator shpere though.

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Post by pwatson » 02 Oct 2002, 03:16

And now you've got the sphere remover you can do the back ones even cheaper! Can't believe they quoted £220 just to check spheres!! And then they expect people to buy Cits from them?? I reckon they lost themselves a customer or two - serves them right for being greedy b*stards. Mind you, for more complex jobs (hope there are none!) it might be a good idea to find a good independent bloke in your area
Happy Citroening