Changing hub

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Changing hub

Post by Bodger » 25 Sep 2002, 21:14

Busted wheel stud.
I am trying to get a hub from breakers. Is changing this a possibiltity for a novice following the Haynes manual. Sre any special tools needed?

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Changing hub

Post by JohnD » 26 Sep 2002, 00:02

Hi Bodger - You didn't say which vehicle the hub was on, but if you have a good socket set, it shouldn't be difficult. The most likely difficulty will be getting the nut undone on the driveshaft end. It's a fairly large socket and it needs a lot of leverage to move it. You'll also need a tool to break the balljoint taper.

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Changing hub

Post by Dave Burns » 26 Sep 2002, 09:19

John, he doesn't want the hub carrier, just the hub (drive flange) its self so there will be no need to split ball joint.
If you have to take it off yourself and the car is stacked, you will find it very difficult to stop the wheel rotating, for this reason it needs to be on the ground, better to have it removed for you.
A high quality socket and a long lever will be required.