Xantia Clutch

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Barry Somerville
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Xantia Clutch

Post by Barry Somerville » 23 Sep 2002, 18:21

Hi. Can any of you clever guys out there explain why I keep hearing that Xantia clutches get stiff towards the end of there life. I have just bought a 1997 VSX 2.0 16v, one owner, FSH 52000mls.
The main dealer that I purchased it from agreed there was a heavy clutch action and duly changed the clutch cable. This has improved it a heck of a lot, but..... I am still worried a bit, especially as I have a 12 month warranty, so would like to make a move if needed ASAP.
big bazza

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Xantia Clutch

Post by spanners » 24 Sep 2002, 02:16

it is very common on the turbo diesel models the clutch is a 2 piece unit with fixed thrust bearing the diaphragm tends to stiffen long before the actual plate wears out first sign is stiff clutch then the clip on pedal normally snaps.

Dave Burns
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Xantia Clutch

Post by Dave Burns » 24 Sep 2002, 03:21

Same pull type design of clutch on the 2.0 16v if I'm not mistaken.
Not sure of the reason they go so heavy, but I have a suspicion that its down to a loss of mechanical advantage of the operating lever's and fulcrum's over the diaphragm spring.
In a new clutch the diaphragm spring will be more or less flat and so will be easey to deflect.
As the clutch wears the diaphragm spring takes on an inwardly conical shape and is more difficult to pull back from this position, plus the fingers will spread apart slightly and have to close up again each time the clutch is disengaged, this will cause friction on the release bearing flange adding to the heavier action of the mechanism.
It can't simply be down to the spring its self getting stiffer, spring steel doesn't get more resilient with use, because it gets weaker.