And ... i forgot ...

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And ... i forgot ...

Post by Jon » 30 Mar 2005, 03:50

Thats for a length of pipe, you just cut it into the lengths that you need between injectors.

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And ... i forgot ...

Post by FDV » 30 Mar 2005, 05:35

The injector return pipes? LSUK do lengths of it which fit perfectly. Only need a metre obviously.

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And ... i forgot ...

Post by ActivaV6uk » 30 Mar 2005, 15:40

ive got one of these spare if any one needs one i went into GSF and bought 3 lengths i fone a use for 1 extra one but i have one bagged spair!
Jon is there any way you can add the length to the discription of the item?

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And ... i forgot ...

Post by sponix » 30 Mar 2005, 19:51

I went into my local GSF branch and they told me that they didn't stock "leak off tube" despite it being listed on the website!
Ended up getting it from Halfords in the end, £4.25(?) for a length of tubing, metal clips and a couple of end plugs. Think it was a metre.