Power steering fluid - do we....?

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Power steering fluid - do we....?

Post by Dave Bamber » 17 Sep 2002, 02:40

Ok, we all know to change the engine oil, LHM, gearbox oil, brake fluid etc, but should power steering fluid (the red stuff) ever be changed? It does get dirty and hot so it must get a bit knackered, so what are the opinions out there<img src=icon_smile_question.gif border=0 align=middle>
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Post by Jon » 17 Sep 2002, 14:48

Its not normally mentioned in any of the service schedules to change the PAS Fluid (Dextron ATX), but I think that changing it is no bad idea.
The red fluid should definately be changed if it becomes muddy and dark, instead of red.
I've only changed it once, and not by choice. I was driving down the M4 one night when there was a big bang, no PAS and the alternator light came on. The Pulley had sheared off the PAS pump due to a previous owners overtightening of the belt!
I had to buy a new pump (ouch) and replace all the fluid.
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