ZX TD Speedo Cable

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Dan D
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ZX TD Speedo Cable

Post by Dan D » 16 Sep 2002, 18:44

Has anyone successfully cured the wandering speedo needle syndrome? Is it true that to fit a new cable you have to remove the entire fascia?
I put a new cable on (top half) by feeding it through on a piece of cable tied to the old one, but if anything the problem is worse now and gives a loud ticking noise. I am wondering about trying to find an alturnative route for the cable through the bulkhead on the drivers side, any tips?
Also I read in a previous message that a LHM bush cut in half can be used, any more info anyone?
Many Thanks.


Post by Jon » 17 Sep 2002, 02:24

as you will see from previous forum postings, we have talked our way around this problem for ages, with no definate conclusions part from the fact the top cable routing/adjustment is essential, and also that an LHM seal at the top of the cable into the speedo head may also help!
I personally believe that the top cable should be pushed/pulled through the bulkhead until speedo flickering is at its minimum.
At the end of the day, and as a "victim" of this job on several occasions, I also believe that the speedo head is very poor, and even after a new correctly fitted cable is in place that the problem still occurs.
Indeed, I remember when I last worked at a dealership in 1994, several speedo heads were replaced under warranty. And quite often it made absolutely no difference to the problem.
Anyone else???<img src=icon_smile_sleepy.gif border=0 align=middle>
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Post by hollis » 17 Sep 2002, 18:20

I had the same problem with a BX that started after rebuilding the engine. I found that the speedo cable inner had been accidentaly overbent. You could see that it had a curve in in when removed from the outer cable and put on a flat surface. By carefully bending the cable back to straight, the needle flicker was cured.
If you can imagine the cable with the bend getting tight as it turns against the bend in the outer cable and then springing loose as it turns a little further you can see why the rotation speed and hence the speedo needle deflection varies. Hope this helps.

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Post by gjb02 » 17 Sep 2002, 18:38

This is an inherant problem with most french cars, and with some german. They were designed to be lefthand drive, and as such cable routing was never an issue at initial manufacture. When they decided to expand to a right hand model they were left with the difficult task of routing cables as best they could. This often lead to overly long and badly routed cables, prone to chafing, stiffness and premature wear, pure and simple it was a massive bodge job! As a consequence many righthand drive car owners end up with, stiff clutches, flicking speedos, snapping clutch cables and chafing/sticky accelerator cables. The french say,'ces la ve', or something like that, I just say, 'tough s@*t!' You enjoy the good, you live with the bad! Just like marriage. <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>

Dan D
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Post by Dan D » 17 Sep 2002, 18:45

Thanks everyone, I will have a go at replacing the cable, the wobbly needle I could live with but the ticking noise it has developed is really annoying. Thanks for tips.

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Post by Thompatruck » 23 Sep 2002, 18:50

Well at least it's not just mine! I've got that Speedo jump too! And like Jon said the last owner had the speedo changed under warranty to no affect! I'd be grateful if you'd keep me informed on how the cable change goes Dan!

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Post by russellfowden » 09 Oct 2002, 07:38

On my ZX 1.9TD I replaced the upper end of the cable (see other postings) and was delighted to have a rock steady speedo. It lasted three days and is now malfunctioning to a lesser degree. I am 23 years old, am being told on a day by day basis (to my considerable annoyance) that:
i) I'm going grey - that's real news, considering I've been doing it from the age of 16 (crap genetic condition...)
ii) I'm getting fat (6'2" and 15 stone is bad apparently)
iii) My speedo wobbles.
Not sure what of the above, invariably imparted like it's new information, is the most annoying. If you work out the speedo side of things let me know. At least it's not as bad as it was and I can go past speed cameras with a 'reasonable' amount of confidence these days!

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Post by louis1 » 30 Nov 2002, 06:50

hi all
I have a different problem on my 1993 td zx, that is the rev-counter can not stay still, it does not wobble like a speed it wonders, at 100 mph it wounder from 3000rpm to 5000rpm then back to 3000rpm and back and so forth. is this common and can anyone help?