Help - ZX Elation Paint Code ??

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Help - ZX Elation Paint Code ??

Postby sooty » 15 Sep 2002, 18:09

I cannot find any codes related to the colour of my 1996 ZX Elation.
Its a Metalic Green (Dark) and the only Numbers I can find are painted on the N/S wing around the top of the strut leg. KQABR and 6976 CA ? Halfords don't have it listed or a match.
Any Clues to what the colour is or its code??
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Postby gjb02 » 15 Sep 2002, 19:35

Hi, If you go to the Citroen dealer and quote the KQA code this should give you the paint colour you're after. The BR is irrelevant. Alternatively you could try a motor factors and give the the KQA code to them, it is most likely that it is a dealer only paint, it will cost about £5 for either a can or touchup kit. Hope this helps, I had the same problem with mine, mine was ELSER but they changed it to KLS at some point!! Citroen <img src=icon_smile_clown.gif border=0 align=middle>
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