'94 ZX Sunroof Leak

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'94 ZX Sunroof Leak

Post by greatoaks » 13 Sep 2002, 02:58

Help getting dripped on withwater coming in from the electric sunroof switch console.
tried to clear the drain holes but not successful.
any tips on an easy way to stop this or ant other water leak cause...?

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Post by Dave1 » 13 Sep 2002, 05:01

When you say you tried to clear the drain holes, do you mean they are blocked or you do not know. There are four, one at each front corner and also one either side at the rear of the sunroof. To see if they are blocked pour a little water into the channel. You should see it drip out the front near the wheel arch and at the rear the pipes run out just inside the rear bumper. You cannot miss it running out if they are clear.

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Post by greatoaks » 13 Sep 2002, 15:46

I have tried to clear it with wire but cannot seem to insert from the top.. where do the drains exit under the car?

alan s
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Post by alan s » 13 Sep 2002, 17:37

Don't go poking wire down it...You can push the drain pipe off where it connects at the top or poke a hole in it.
Use a spotlight and look in each corner. The best option is if the blockage can't be seen from the top, to find the outlet bottoms & blow through them, although quite often with a spotlight, you can see stuff caught in them at the top (in each corner) and carefully remove with a pair of pointy nosed pliers or similar.
I have heard it suggested that if any kind of wire is used as a method of dislodging a blockage, then the spring coiled flexible curtain type of wire is best but definitely never use anything too solid.
Alan S

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Post by greatoaks » 13 Sep 2002, 22:06

ok..thanks for the advice ..i'll try that

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Post by Chrisk » 13 Sep 2002, 23:25

My sister had the same problem with her Saxo-the water was dripping by the interior light/ sunroof control. The fault turned out to be with the aerial. The rubber seal around the base had worn away on one side allowing the water to drip through and collect above the console.