judder when reversing

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andy hannett
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judder when reversing

Post by andy hannett »

i have a problem with my 93 xantia TD SX when reversing. it appears as a judder through the car whilst trying to move backwards particularly when going up a slight incline. there is also a problem in first gear but is less pronounced.
i thought it might be the clutch but it does not seem to slip at low revs up hills.
any thoughts out there as it is getting annoying and has caused some embaressing stalls
may thanks in advance

alan s
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Take a real close look at your engine mounts. It sounds as though one is loose or more likely gone soft or split. You sometimes need to exert a fair amount of pressure on them to test them as you basically are trying to lift & move the entire mechanicals in the process. On the early CX's the bottom mount used to go soft & cause similar symptoms; it looked OK & was usually found faulty when it became a last resort or the engine was removed for some other job.
Hope this sorts it out for you.
Alan S