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Post by davethewheel » 11 Sep 2002, 04:21

hi all, i have a set of good quality car speakers which i would like to fit in my Xantia, how do i tell which wire is posative and which is negative the connectors are marked with 1 and 2 but how do i tell what is posative and negative cheers dave

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Post by rabenson » 11 Sep 2002, 14:29

If you are just using two speakers then it doesn't really matter so long as you use the same terminal as positive on each. It does become an issue in multiple speaker installations in that you want all the cones moving in the same direction ie in phase.
What you can do is to check the direction of cone travel on your existing speakers by briefly touching a 1.5 volt cell across the terminals (with wiring disconnected, obviously) and see which way the cone kicks with the + terminal of the cell connected to the positive on your speaker. then do the same to your new speaker and see which terminal you have to put the cell + to to provoke the same response: this will then be the positive terminal for your new speaker!
Word of warning - only do this on full range units or multi units with built in crossovers! damage could occur if you apply DC voltage to a high frequency unit direct. Also don't use more than a 1.5 volt cell (AAA or AA)