Saxo engine hot in this COLD weather?

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Saxo engine hot in this COLD weather?

Post by leonard1 » 02 Mar 2005, 18:57

Yesterday I was in some stop/start traffic for about 40 mins and was surprised a whir came on (presumably a fan) and I noticed the temp gauge had crossed the line.
Is this normal and not anything to be worried about and that Citroen have a fan to stop the engine overheating? Or should the engine get that hot anyway?

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Post by arry_b » 02 Mar 2005, 19:27

What your car did was perfectly normal, and a good thing.
If the fan hadn't come on, your car would have overheated and possibly damaged it's engine.
If the gauge rises into the red, and the fan hasn't started working - *that's* the time to start worrying.

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Post by mezuk04 » 02 Mar 2005, 21:05

My fan works after about 6 months of deliberation and I just wish I could get stuck in lots of traffic just so I can hear it kick in.