Cambelt snapped

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Cambelt snapped

Post by GrahamHounslow » 07 Sep 2002, 17:32

My cambelt on a 2.0 16v has just snapped what sort of damage am I looking at?
The local garage has got the head off and said I need to replace 3 lots of valves, though looking at the valve heads and piston crowns I cant see any sign of damage.
Is it going to be cheaper to scrap the engine?
any help please.

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Post by GrahamHounslow » 07 Sep 2002, 17:41

Forgot to say its a 95 Xantia if this helps

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 07 Sep 2002, 18:49

You'll have to get a quote to repair the engine and weigh it up against the cost of a replacement, taking into account the condition and mileage of the present engine and also the labour cost, some of which you have allready incured by having the head removed.
If the engine was faultless and of reasonable mileage it may be better to continue with it, bearing in mind the labour charge for having the head removed will be dead money if you don't.
A low mileage untouched replacement may ultimately be a wiser choice since you wont have the possibility of the repair work going tits up, you must obtain a guarantee with any replacement though.
Once the valves have had a slap from the pistons they need outing, they only need to bend a minute amount and they will leak and soon get worse, its very common for pistons to survive the ordeal.
p.s Some 1.8l 16 valve Xantia's were recalled because of premature cam belt failure (before 72,000 miles) don't know about the 2.0l though.
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Post by GrahamHounslow » 07 Sep 2002, 21:02

The engines just done 60k with regular servicing etc. In the haynes manual it recommends that you get the belt changed at 36k rather than 72k.
The cost of a second hand engine plus fitting is about the same as get the valves replaced.

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Post by NiSk » 09 Sep 2002, 13:03

Yeh, and does the new mill have a new cambelt? and has it been driven impeccably by it's previous owner? While your at it, you'd better change the water pump, pressure bearing and idler bearing on the cam belt, otherwise your in for another strip down when they leave this world.
As long as you were content with the condition of your existing engine, I'd stick with it, you havn't a clue the state of the "replacement" - even if it has a guarantee, its no fun getting the engine changed AGAIN.
The problem with belt driven cams is that the belt has a limited life - and it's not just the milage - the belt ages even if it's not being used. So sticking to the manufacturers milage limit won't always help (as you have discovered). I'm not surprised thqa the belt snapped if it's the original (7 years weighs heavier than 60 k miles).