BX 16v

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BX 16v

Post by Woody »

I have a couple of minor problems. The first is that the engine has a habit of stalling quite frequently at road junctions and the like. Tick over normally is quite fast at 1000rpm.
The second is the oil pressure gauge. It often only works after revving the car to over 3000rpm. Sometimes it doesn't work at all for several days. Any ideas?

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Post by alan s »

I would be having a look at possibly three things as regards the idling.
Firstly the easy option; air leak on the intake side either where the plenum is fitted to the head or check out around (& under) same for split or leaking hoses etc. A piece of plastic hose held to the ear acts like a doctors stethoscope & if that is not conclusive, shaving lather in the area of the suspected leak makes it whistle & easier to detect. This I suspect, when you start attaching it to faster than normal idling.
Another potential culprit could also be your airflow meter. Remove top & clean out with clean dry cloth. I understand these can be adjusted although I have not personally done so. Be careful around this as they can be an expensive piece of experience. Third potential culprit; fuel filter. These if partially blocked can cause some very strange problems. When was yours last changed?
Regards the oil pressure gauge; mongrel of a thing. Will probably be the unit on the engine or wires attached to same. My opinion of these switches for what it's worth is if the motor's not knocking, it must have oil pressure. One day I'll fit a cheap universal type you buy at auto accessories shops.