Xantia estate

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Xantia estate

Post by np » 08 Feb 2005, 03:33

Can anybody tell me if the interia light on the roof just behind the rear seats in a estate should come on with the other 2 on the door pillers?Theres a on/off switch on it,but it only comes on when you open the tailgate.At night,its much brighter in the rear with this light on as well as the other 2.
If as i suspect it doesn`t,i suppose i could take a feed of the other 2 & connect to the rear light so it comes on when you open the doors.I have a sunroof so wiring it up would be simple,access wise.

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Xantia estate

Post by Kered » 08 Feb 2005, 04:18

Just popped out to check for you. The backlight doesn't come on with rear doors. It only works with the tailgate.