Play in steering wheel

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Play in steering wheel

Postby andyturner » 30 Aug 2002, 20:55

Does anyone know where I can get a new steering column for a 1995 Xantia TD SX? as there is play at the steering wheel bush. I have investigated but it seem you can't just replace the bush as I have done before with other cars, you need a complete column. I am unhappy because the car has only done 46000 miles and it is an MOT failable fault.
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Dave Burns
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Postby Dave Burns » 31 Aug 2002, 01:16

While sorting the airbag fault out on my Xant I noticed some play at the top of the shaft, wanting to investigate it I half heartedly tried to prize the oil seal out but couldn't grab it, after feeling the shaft again the play was gone so something had been upset.
It only lasted a few day's and its now back again but in those few day's I had another twelve month's ticket put on it, the play would have been less than 20 thou I reckon and don't think it would have failed for it, the bloke did give it a good rost on the wheel though so I don't know.
Don't know if its a race or a bush, I would like to know so I can tackle it properly before its test comes around next year.
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