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Post by nevorton » 23 Mar 2001, 04:27

does anyone have experience of a faulty mileage computer on xm v6 sei , mine gives silly figures like 2mpg and 3mph although it sometimes comes good if reset at motorway speeds .also the temp indicator just flashes hyphens although it used to work . I know the temp sensor is in th n/s door mirror.

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Post by Jimmydeath » 27 Mar 2001, 19:15

I too have a V6 SEi and the display is forever reading zero. The last few times I have cured it was by cleaning all the earthpoints for the main wiring looms and cleaning the connectors between the computer and the temp sensor in the wing mirror, and the computer and the rotation counter attached to the speedo cable next to the bulkhead in the engine compartment. From my experience of the XM (and my ZX) it's not the sensors, computers or gauges that fail but the wires and connectors in between. The ghastly earthing system doesn't help either.

Andy B
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Post by Andy B » 28 Mar 2001, 01:54

I also have a V6 SEi and the average computer speed never rises above 32 mph.
The temperature has never worked. I found the best thing to do is ignore it all.