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Post by ACTIVE8 » 28 Jan 2005, 19:56

On the Xantia heater controls, I have illumination at the top part where the direction controls are.
Although in the lower part where the slider controls for the temperature control, and fan speed are there is no illumination.
I have taken the dashboard apart to look for the bulb(s).
Removing the radio, ashtray assembly, trim surround etc.
With this all stripped out, and without removing the heater control assembly unit, I searched for the bulb(s).
So I borrowed a mirror from the other half, a small one so I could look around, and behind it, in situ, but could I find the bulb(s) no !
I think I could see the internals of the heater control unit, and even a part of a circuit board.
Therefore is this part of the heater control unit meant to be illuminated ?
As I think it certainly needs it ! [:)]
If the top part is illuminated, then why isn't the bottom section ?

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Post by BrianM » 28 Jan 2005, 20:32

You need to get the lower half out away from the dash abit. The control cables will hinder you a bit. Then you need to remove the black plastic cover from the top of it. You will see the unit that holds the two bulbs. As far as I remember twist it a bit and it will pull up.

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Post by np » 29 Jan 2005, 00:29

The bottom half on mine is dimly lit,the top is bright.I checked the bulbs last year & they were fine,so i`ve just got used to it being that way.Undo the 4 screws & remove the control unit.As above,there isnt much room to pull it out as the cables stop it.But you should be able to see the bulbs then.1 might be blown,or might have yellowed a bit.